Sirius XM interview with Christy Canyon

I just got done with spending an entire hour with the amazing, legendary Christy Canyon on Vivid Sirius XM and OMG I love her so much! Every 8 months or so she takes me on to her show and we have naughty, naughty fun to tease you all! We always start with a groping fest, making out with each other a little bit, because it’s been too long. Then we catch up, and she pulls out this giant, double sided dildo and asks me to take video of her using it for her OnlyFans. Well, DUH!! Of course I jumped at the chance to be her videographer for the day hehehe Now it’s all over her onlyfans hehehe Once on the air, she tells everybody all about me, how we met, the people we know, and how I got info fetish to begin with. It was an amazing interview, but my favorite is ALWAYS the games we play after hehehehe She pulls out a big container of Vivid brand condoms and a big ole dildo and says we are going to try seeing who’s the fastest at putting a condom on the dildo… with our mouths! Needless to say, it got to deepthroating and I surprised myself by beating the porn legend herself! I’m going to upload the whole interview as soon as I get home tonight. We had SO much fun!

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