Road Trip To Portland

My trip has gotten off to an awesome start! I was SUPPOSED to write a blog when I first started the trip, but things get so easily off schedule when you’re traveling, right? I had so much fun at the Foot Night Int’s party the night before starting up to Fresno for a photo shoot with Chelsea Grinds & Berto. Then I continued up to stay a few days at my friend’s mini-farm in Sacramento. I got to hold or pet all of the animals that one day I’m going to want to raise when I get property of my own. Did you see the size of that wild turkey?!? They just hang out on the neighbors porch, gobbling and letting me pet them! I’m in San Francisco now, enjoying the Bay Area, sewing old friends, and getting ready for the next stop. Tomorrow I head to Clearlake then on the Eugene to meet up with one of my cam girls before finally getting to Portland. Then it’s time for the real party to begin with MFC & C4S hosting me the whole weekend. Hope to see some of y’all there – Goddess EveB

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