Car accident made me disappear again.

I know, I know… I was doing great at the whole “sticking to a schedule” thing and then I drop off the face of the planet except for Twitter for 2 weeks. For everyone not on Twitter, this all happened almost the moment I made it up to Portland. I’m driving with my chick friend coming to Ladies Night at Exxxotica to get my hair and makeup done at the hotel when a guy decided he wanted to be in my lane instead of me, sending us spinning the wrong way on the freeway at 5pm on a Friday. I was terrified we were about to turn into a pinball, but not one else hit us. It was fucking awful. We had all the airbags go off so my car door was kinda stuck and I was in too much pain to crawl over the seats so I sat in my car for 15 minutes before a nice man asked permission to work on my door to get me out. The video of the scene is insane. It’ll be in my members’ only section because… it’s actually all really affected me. The guy who hit me of course says I hit him, but I don’t know about the rest of the world, but when there’s a crash that takes up the entire freeway, I don’t care who is at fault, I would always make sure they were ok. He never once ever spoke to me or even looked at me. My Honda symbol from the front end was perfectly in tact about 59 feet from my actual car lol I had a fun ride in the ambulance since my passenger and I refused to go in separate ones which means there was no room to strap me in like her but a seat to bounce on. You know the movies where they show someone going in to trauma from an accident and there’s 10 doctors all talking at once and it seems all crazy? THAT’S HOW IT IS IN REAL LIFE IT WAS INSANE! I had one shoving an ultrasound- looking thing into my abdomen, one on each side trying (and failing) to get IVs in both, another calling out the visible injuries, even one removing alllllmost all my piercings. I had fought my panic attack successfully until the moment they told me they needed to put the ivy in my FEMORAL ARTERY. I lost my mind! Just lost it. Either way, they did the thing, I had no internal bleeding but they kept me overnight and I do have a fractured tailbone. Oh, and possibly a chipped hip, depending on what the xrays from Friday say. Fingers crossed it’s not! So that’s why I disappeared. I spent the first week on all of the pain meds trying not to die and this second week has been me mentally figuring out I’m not as ok as I thought. I keep having flashbacks. Keep reliving the spin out and being terrified. I promise I’m coping and being well taken care of. To anyone I missed in Portland I promise to make it up the next time I come up! From now on I’ll be flying though because the road gods have spoken. I’m out! Be ready to come pick me up 😈 I promise to see y’all soon 🖤 -Goddess EveB

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