It’s been a rough last 3 months…

It’s been a rough 3 months since the car accident, but I’m still here and kicking. My cracked rib and fractured hip and tailbone are all healing correctly, albeit slow AF! I’m still a long way off from doing any dancing or lasting more than a few in some high heels, even my custom clips and sessions are just beginning to come back to life, but I am hanging on. I keep getting intimidated about writing a blog update because I want to give you guys everything as if I was 100%. I want to give you long, lavish details of sexy shoots and real-time sessions in beautiful writing style for you to drink up each week, but I’ve realized I have to work within the capacity that I have while being ok with that because I’m still broken and healing. So, here it is! I am still here. I am still sexy AF. I am still a Goddess. And for everyone who has stuck with me through all this, y’all are my VIPs.


This month I prepare for Wasteland Weekend at the end of September, so I SHOULD have more new, hot content for you soon. Until then, enjoy the little glimpses into my life lately as I am kind to my body and mind during this healing.

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