Life’s a bish…

D0474509-6B06-43AC-9C40-9B038FE4AF24Life’s a bitch and then you die, so fuck it all and let’s get high! Hello old friends, it’s been a while… again. I know, I totally suck at this, but I also partially blame that bitch Life for throwing so much crap at me! After the car wreck and the fractured hips/broken tailbone to the surgery that went awry and the subsequent crash medical diet, Life just keeps them coming. My bones haven’t healed like they should after 8 months. I’ve dropped almost 40lbs including all of my muscle, so there’s some love/hate there but who am I to complain.

With the hits continuing to roll in, I’ve decided to take a break. No internet, no cameras, no uploads, no social media, nothing. I’m going to read a couple books, smoke a lot of herb and play with my dog in the beautiful SoCal outdoors. Sometimes it’s good to push through and get stronger by succeeding in spite of it all… and then there are the times that you figure out that you’re too wound up and can’t keep up the pace. This is that time!

Enjoy my fetish trove until I come back in a couple weeks. It’ll be a sexy return, I promise! Thanks for hanging on for the next thing I randomly do 😈

-Goddess EveB

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