AIP Interview


AIP Interview

Hows the quarantine been for you? Have you been keeping busy? I’ve been enjoying my #VirtualStripClub during the week, getting things fixed around the house and clothes mended, clearing out my costume and lingerie closet to be auctioned off and making way for new ones… and then I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christina at AIP! I get to talk about my fetish work and how much I enjoy the niche world, even some of my more unique requests. Click the link to read more of what we talked about.

Next weekend I get to take a weekend away to the family cabin in Big Bear off the lake to relax, just me and the dog. I can’t wait to get out in nature, doing yoga, making my naughty boys some sweaty, stinky socks to be auctioned off and some pussy soaked panties. It’s going to be AMAZING! What are you doing to relax? Let me know!

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