Life can change in the blink of an eye. I’m currently writing this to y’all from the porch of my family cabin up in Big Bear Lake, CA with my pupperchini lying at my feet, the birds chirping, and not another worry in the world because I no longer have to cater to other people in my home. I am LOVING it here, although I did have to get satellite internet just to be able to connect with any type of consistency! It’s still slow even at the best package I can get out here lol I’ve been exploring the Mommy Domme side of FemDom and am finding that I really enjoy it. At first I was a bit weirded out being called Mommy, until I got to the root desire of my subs when they want me to go in to Mommy mode. They are simply seeking that carefree sense of comfort. No worries, no responsibilities, just like when we were children and our adults did everything down to picking out our clothing for the day. It’s been a fun stretch, with a bunch of foot fetish and booty shaking in between as usual! Time to go do some yoga and try to get ready for this stomach surgery I get to have in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it works this time, unlike our attempt last year for the same thing. See y’all soon!

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