Bish, you doin a good job…

You know that TT thing that keeps going around lately where it’s someone singing “Bitch you doin a good job, bitch you doin a good job, bitch you doin a good job, bitch you doin a good job!”… well, that song has been in my head for the last three days. I’m not exactly complaining about it because I’ve needed the help but dang, could it stop for a little bit without being replaced by the “cuz I’m an international super spy… SUPER SPYYYY!” GAHHHHH!

Anyways, a lot has happened, I’ve terrible at keeping a blog, as has been mentioned here in this blog and all my others MULTIPLE times over the years. But hey, I keep trying! I’m here, aren’t I?

I started teaching a class about online safety and how to operate in today’s new realm of virtual everything and the crazy of OF and Twitch being an alternative form of income. It’s just been crazy seeing how often people who are relatively young are being victimized either by bullies or by people who know they are a bit clueless. So I aim to educate, empower, and hopefully stop the terrible loss and pain that can come from being bamboozled by some of the more evil in the world. I host it on the A^N*’s platform every 3rd Thursday of the month for both creators and consumers since it affects more than just creators some of the bullying and such.

I also am speaking this coming Wednesday July 7th at at 4pmPDT for creators only about selling on platforms other than OF and how to do that. Life after OF type of thing lol Then in October I’ll be flying out to NJ/NYC to appear at my first in person event at the NJ Exxotica.


I can’t wait to be able to see everyone again. Promise I’ll try to be back sooner than later this time lol

~Divine Goddess EveB

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