New content!

I got myself a new external hard drive because I’m a total failure at backing up my work. I’ve been spending the last two days going through the many, many Dropbox and media fire accounts I have downloading all my clips and photos to it and have found so many gems. I can’t wait to upload all this new content to my Clips4Sale , ManyVids, and AVNStars this week. It’s gonna be a sexy, fun time!!

I started a Gumroad page for my online safety webinars and advice for adult workers in this crazy, ever-changing world for us with the whole MasterCard thing, OF disaster, and new platforms just appearing out of nowhere. I even started an email list that you can subscribe to here so that way, when the next platform kicks us off we can all still keep in touch. I’ve got a bunch more projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to show y’all my progress over the months. Feel free to hit me up and ask me questions if you want 🎉 -Divine Goddess EveB

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