YNOT Cammunity

This past week was really so amazing. To finally be able to get together at an event with all of my friends from across the globe and be ourselves without reservation… I can’t tell you how amazing it was. To put physical bodies to little faces in boxes or screen names and get to hug them when I’ve been supporting and loving them from afar for the last year and a half… omg! I know it wasn’t anywhere near as big or long as AVN week in Vegas, but we aren’t used to people-big after so long in our houses! This was a friggin LOT of people-big packed into 3 days for us all. Most of us are disabled or neuro-divergent, so to have that many of us in one place, mostly on time, mostly put together, doing the stuff and things properly in public was friggin amazing and we all deserve trophies for that alone. I’m gonna have all the photos go up on EveBatelle.club and Eve-Batelle.com this coming week, so subscribe and find them there! Xoxo I- Divine Goddess EveB

W Hollywood Hotel

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