Fired my internet company

I finally had enough with my satellite internet company and fired them yesterday. Living out in the mountains in a cabin means not everything is easily accessible, which includes not having the ability to get someone to dig lines out here to get anything other than satellite internet to my house. I had no choice but to sign a 2 year contract with Viasat in order to get them to install anything, so I did what I had to do. I had no idea that they weren’t going to actually provide the services they agreed to in their contract to where I have been forced to call them every month or more for them to troubleshoot and fix why my service wasn’t functioning properly. Finally this month they said it was a problem with the dish so they were gonna have to send a technician out at an additional $100 charge. *ARE YOU KIDDING ME VIASAT?!?* I already pay high monthly fees for a service that barely, kinda, sometimes works and then you want to charge me to get it to maybe, kinda, sometimes work?!

Needless to say, I contacted my bank and they agreed that at this point they were violating consumer protections and we have now blocked Viasat from being able to continue taking payments out. Viasat can come get their trash equipment ASAP and now I start saving to get Starlink installed. I’ve heard amazing things about it, have any of you? I am desperate for internet already and it hasn’t even been 24hours yet! 😹 Wish me luck! -Divine Goddess EveB

Picture of Big Bear Lake, CA from Eve Batelle’s from drive.
My lake

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