Vegas & Texas

It’s been so long since traveling has been a thing and if you know me you know I have wanderlust in my blood. For a little pre-holiday trip I started out driving to Las Vegas to see Jay and Rebecca for a little shenanigans before a 6am flight to Texas for family time. It’s so good to actually hug people and travel again! I’ve got another few days here in Texas before I fly back. I’m gonna enjoy a few more days here, have some time in Vegas when I get back to drive home in time for Thanksgiving at my Goddess of SIL’s house. There’s something to be said for someone who cooks 9+ different dishes and only really eats cheese and bread! She just loves to feed family lol Last night I got to go to my first sporting event since the pandemic and my first professional hockey game in probably almost a decade. I forgot how exciting it gets!!! I’ll post my puck I got before I left game night… it was a good adrenaline rush!! I’ve got a couple more days here so I’ll see you kinksters later. -Divine Goddess EveB

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