Valentine’s Gift Guide

I know my subbies are thinking about how they already know they hold the short end of the stick when it comes around to Valentine’s Day. You can search for the best toys to help satisfy your wife in ways that you know that little thing hanging between your legs could never… or maybe you’re wanting to dream of satisfying me, so you want the best toys to really give yourself the best Valentine’s Day experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Each of the toys I’m going to explore below I’ve gotten to play with personally in the last few months and know exactly which of you they will benefit most.

So listen up to Momma Domme as I bestow some yummy info to you!

If you’re looking to find the best cock rings then The Enhanced Male is my #1 pick for where I send my subbies to get new toys. They have this one called the LYNK PLEASURE LOOP that my stable of locked up control subs have all said bring it to a new level and my sissy trainees have all said are the most comfortable of all they’ve tried. Keeping you harder longer doesn’t always have to be painful so why not find a great product? We’ve been enjoying playing with these for long enough to know we’ll continue with them.

As the exquisite Dommy that I am you know that I am always looking out for the best toys to excite, entice, and sometimes deprive my kinksters with. I am here to help solve your problem with trying to please a partner, regardless of whatever equipment you may have down there. There’s cock sleeves to extend your length and girth enhancers to give yourself something a little extra to feel that TEM has a HUGE assortment of.

One of the best features aside from their amazing products is their anonymous shopping and discrete shipping because no one has to know what you’re shopping for and no one needs to know what you’re bringing in to the bedroom until you’re ready to share it in your own time. So go and get some presents that will actually get her some pleasure with what you’ve got in your pants this time!

Now go and be kinky! ~Divine Goddess EveB

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