April is here 🔥

Holy moly was the end of last month going into the beginning of April exhausting. I ran a very active Chastity Challenge for St Patrick’s Day that I had a ton of fun with as well as began a new project that I promise I’ll introduce sooner than later. My doggy princess isn’t going to be with me all summer potentially, so I had to accept that heavy adjustment and look for silver linings. It changed my entire perspective on what my next steps are in creating a new ideal prospects.

Because of that, this month through the beginning of July, I’m going to be traveling as much as possible to clear my mind and get refocused. I’m currently writing this to you from Colorado, about to do a weekend camping trip with friends. At the end of this month I’ll be flying to Vegas to continue on to Jacksonville NC, Portland OR, and then spending a whole month in Texas. If you’re going to be near any of those areas and want to book a FemDom, smoking, or foot worship session make sure you reply back to tell me ASAP!

I hope to hear back, tell me how you’re doing and what I can do to give you more of what you want!

-Your Divine Goddess EveB

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