The Top 7 Chastity Cages For BDSM

For many men, wearing a chastity cage is both fun and exciting as well as taking part in chastity play where they deprive themselves of sex or arousal.  Some even choose to wear them full time knowing that they are under lock and key and not in 100% control.

If you ever have searched for chastity cages, there are so many to choose from!  With my 13 years as an adult industry veteran, I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the best chastity cages for men.  Below you’ll find the advantages and disadvantages as well as other important details to help you choose which cock cage is right for you.  

What are the Best Chastity Cages?

CB-X CB-6000S Short Cock Cage Kit


  • Transparent cock cage
  • Customizable for the perfect fit
  • Includes Masterlock padlock with keys

Are you looking for the same great features as the CB-6000, but have a smaller penis size?  The CB-6000S from CB-X is the short model in the CB-6000 line of cock cages. 

Slide into a life of chastity with this cock cage’s features that include four locking pins and spacers for a custom fit.  This transparent chastity cage will keep your member firmly locked away for hours where you can see it but not touch. With a pee/ejaculation hole and several vents, there’s no reason to take this cage off.  

Slim and discreet and upgraded with a tighter grip on your desires and freedom, no one will guess what’s going on in your pants!


  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Will not set off metal detectors  


  • Can be very challenging to put on
  • Will not fit if you are larger 

Soft Silicone Cock Cage Chastity Device


  • Made from premium, velvety silicone
  • Narrow funnel helps with aim
  • Molds with your body 

The Soft Silicone Cock Cage Chastity Device is a great beginner chastity cage.  You’ll have less intense restraint than metal and plastic cages and the tip is wide enough for urination, ejaculation and if you are lucky, some teasing too.  The low price also lets you play without breaking the bank. 


  • Travel friendly
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • Budget friendly


  • You may outgrow this cage

Detained Locking 3 Inch Stainless Steel Chastity Cage


  • Latex-Free | Phthalate-Free | Non-Toxic
  • 3 inches of insertable length
  • Made from stainless steel for a sleek look

If you are a newbie to chastity cages and are looking for a way to insert yourself into this kind of play (pun intended!), the Detained Locking 3 Inch Stainless Steel Chastity Cage is the cock cage to start with.  The open air design allows you to look but not play which ups your anticipation and intensifies your orgasms when you are finally released.  

From 3 locking bases to a padlock, everything is included that you need for full cock restriction. There’s no way of getting out of this cage unless you are lucky.


  • Safe for extended wear
  • The open air design allows you to pee
  • Both beginners and advanced wearers can use


  • Cost

Rikers Locking Adjustable Cock Cage Chastity Device


  • Includes 3 sized base rings to ensure it fits 
  • Will not set off metal detectors 
  • Straightforward design

There’s no escaping this rigid polycarbonate erection prison.  This orgasm denial cage has air vents and an opening at the end so you can release any fluids you need to.  You’ll be begging to be liberated with one of the keys that come with it.  

All you need to do is just lube yourself up and stick yourself inside the Rikers Locking Adjustable Cock Cage for hours of irresistible fun.


  • Ultra-comfortable for long term wear 
  • Tamper-proof
  • Fits most men


  • Time-consuming to get it on and off

CB-X The Curve Cock Cage Kit


  • Innovative U-ring design
  • Includes 5 base plates to ensure it fits 
  • Designed to fit almost all penises 3.75 inches while flaccid

Are you naturally well endowed?  If so, the CB-X The Curve Cock Cage Kit is the chastity cage for you. 

The CB-X The Curve Cock Cage Kit is one of the biggest cock cages available.  While a good choice for beginners, The Curve Cock Cage also provides a high-quality experience for those who’ve used cock cages before.  Designed to make getting an erection an impossible feat, enjoy the pain of trying to get hard while rocking this cage.

The CB-X The Curve Cock Cage is the “go big or go home” chastity cage.


  • Rigid yet flexible
  • Ultra-comfortable for long term wear 
  • Made from lightweight material


  • Large price tag

CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit


  • Vented and ergonomic
  • 3.5” internal length
  • Made from translucent plastic

This transparent chastity cage keeps your member snugly locked away. With a comfortable ergonomic design, you’ll have no excuse to take it off. The CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit has  several vents to stay cool no matter how long you wear it!

This chastity cage is slim and discreet, and nobody will know that you are wearing one while you are out in public.


  • Discreet design
  • Can be worn for long periods of time
  • Easy to clean


  • Challenging to put on

Master Series Detained Chastity Cage


  • 4 inches in length
  • Translucent design
  • Made from soft plastic

Perfect for beginners, the Master Series Detained Chastity Cage is made from soft plastic which ensures that your member remains cozy throughout your entire session. Best of all, it’s translucent so you can see exactly what’s going on.

Easily slides on with or without lubricant, this cage can also be easily removed with its no-padlock and no-buckle design.


  • Made from a travel-friendly material 
  • Great for beginners
  • Can be easily removed


  • Men with large testes have a hard time keeping them in

Final Thoughts

When selecting a chastity cage, make sure it’s the appropriate size. Also, be sure to pick your material carefully.  If you plan on flying with a cock cage, you don’t want it made out of metal.  Beginners may want to opt for softer materials till they get used to wearing a chastity cage.  

Until next time, stay freaky! ~Divine Goddess EveB

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