It’s May?!?

May when?!

What in the hell happened that we are almost half way through May?! I’ve been so busy in this whirlwind of travel and change that I missed the memo that it’s already May, almost June.

While I’ve been traveling between SoCal and Las Vegas to brush up my planning skills as well as do a little project with Rebecca Love I decided to take a detour to my sxster’s in Portland. Man has that made it an ordeal for me to get home! I’ve already been in this airport 16 hours and got another delay notification in my texts from the airline. While I’m sitting in here, spending all the money I saved by taking this other flight in the expensive restaurants, I decided to finally crank out this newsletter. I really gotta work on planning ahead instead of catching up from behind (hehehehe, that’s what he said!).

Starting tomorrow May10-11th is YNOT’s Summit where I will be speaking on a panel at 1pm on the 10th. It’s free for creators & web designers to sign up so run over now if you’re in either of those groups to get to hear my panel on choosing between fan sites and clips stores or how to work both HERE—> .

After that I’ll be heading out to the DFW, Texas area for the rest of the month into June. I’ve got sessions available as well as my custom orders back open for both worn items and clips so it’ll be a great new location for me to explore while creating fantasies.

As usual I have to give thanks to my affiliates that have been really showing up this year for both buyers and creators. Any creators that want to get in the affiliate program with me message me so you can start making money off affiliate sales as well, as this is great for planning for your financial future and not just the here and now. Buyers still get 10% off all The Enhanced Male items by just buying through my link HERE—>

Summer will bring me back up to Big Bear where I will focus on expanding my NiteFlirt goodies ( ) and get my advice webisodes started again to give out to our community. Please let me know if you have any ideas or customs you’d like to request and I’ll add a little 5% discount if you mention this email.

Until next month, stay kinky my friends!

-Divine Goddess EveB

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