Top 5 Foreplay Toys

Whether it’s for yourself or your partner, foreplay is integral to creating an erotic physical space to sink in to our fantasies and really enjoy the moment that we are in. Looking up to see your goldfish swimming circles next to your dying desk plant or the pile of dirty laundry left haphazardly near the foot of the bed while in the middle of trying to reach that screaming O can take away from the headspace you’re trying to create for yourself or your partner so paying attention to small details can make the difference between oh-yeah and OMG YEEE-AAHHHH!!!!

There are many basic things you can do to set the scene from making sure your area is clean to lighting candles to playing music. If you want to go a step further or you are with a partner that you have had enough communication with that you feel comfortable enough with introducing more unique ideas into your play, there are many toys in a wide range of areas of interests that you might be interested in possibly researching for yourself. Having spent years figuring out my own difficult introduction into sex and how that affected my enjoyment and how to fulfill my own needs in the right ways I know how truly imperative it can be to be exposed to new things.

Below I’ve listed 5 toys you can use in foreplay for yourself or your partner to spice things up, keep you going longer, or simply get the juices flowing!

Dr Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager
Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager
Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit

Male Chastity Belts / Cock Cages
Buy My Fleshlight!

Using a prostate massager can be a great way to get warmed up before penetration. Your prostate is a sexy little gland about two inches inside the rectum that produces the seminal fluid that is in ejaculate. Finding that spot within yourself can begin a beautiful exploration into your sex.

This toy takes things a step further, allowing you to wear this as a dual toy both as a vibrating prostate massager and a cock ring. Then add the perk of if you have a partner, them being able to have the remote control to edge up the play, this is definitely a way to spice things up and explore new levels of play.
Cock rings are bands that fit around your penis and balls that can be made out of many different materials. They are designed to restrict blood flow in and out of your penis to help keep your erection fuller and for a longer time. Get a larger erection and prevent premature ejaculation.Exploring BDSM can also be an excellent form of foreplay. You can try using a male chastity belt, where you can let your partner tease you by keeping your cock restrained. Perhaps it will only be set free and able to feel pleasure, once you have earned it by making your partner cum or sufficiently begged to be released.

Learning about your pleasure can help you maintain more control over your erection and orgasm. You can learn about how it feels to be on the edge vs past that point of no return. As a result, you can train yourself to stay on the edge for longer and what better way to train yourself than with my pussy!
5 sex toys to explore your sexual fantasies

We’ve got Dr Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager, Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager, Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit, Male Chastity Belts / Cock Cages, and Buy My Fleshlight! As always I love when you Talk To Me, so let me know your feedback on my suggestions and let’s stay kinky!

~Divine Goddess EveB

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