How To Spoil Your Goddess

  1. Request Their Wishlist
  2. Send Travel / Food Vouchers
  3. Car Repairs
  4. To Wrap It Up…

If you’ve been following along in my series we’ve been exploring how to find a Mistress, proper etiquette, as well as fun toys you could use to expand your play in bed. I want to take a moment to share with you the best ways to simply spoil the Goddess of your dreams in the best ways possible, reminding you that it’s not always about getting them the sexy lingerie that you want to see them in, but what they want. After over a decade of being in served by men in many ways, these are the top ways that I’ve enjoyed being spoiled that center around us.

Request Their Wishlist

Most every Goddess, Mistress, influencer, gamer, anyone that you may enjoy and want to show your appreciation for them sharing their lives with you have a wishlist set up somewhere. Amazon is popular as is Throne, but asking for their wishlist allows them to show you things they want and you to send them gifts without you having to get too invasive by asking for their address. Respecting their privacy and safety is important, and you’re really just trying to show them thanks so it’s easier that way. Going a step further you could ask what things they would prefer to be cleared first, showing that you want to serve their wants and needs above just wanting to see them dressed up in something that feeds into your kink. We seriously can only make room in our lingerie drawers for so many lacy teddies and can only wear so many pairs of stilettos with fishnets before the doors will literally bust off the hinges. We absolutely LOVE those things too otherwise they wouldn’t be on our wishlist to begin with, so don’t get me wrong at ALL, it’s just a different thought is all.

Send Travel / Food Vouchers

We all love delicious food and traveling to lovely destinations for it! Subscribe to their newsletters or blogs so you know when they are traveling, what cities they frequent, what restaurants they enjoy going to. When you want to spoil them send them a voucher for a meal for them or for a date, depending on what kind of way you like to spoil, or send them on a booze cruise with a friend for the day. There are airline vouchers to contribute to a flight they have to take for a convention just like restaurant gift cards. With almost everything being available online these days it’s so simple to send no matter where you are and where they are.

Car Repairs

We have big expenses just like everyone else when it comes to our transportation and thing like tires, registrations, etc can add up fast. Having my ice tires replaced before snow season is huge for me since I live up in the mountains where it snows the whole winter and it’s easy to slide off the roads. Some chains offer gift certificates for a year’s worth of oil changes as do places like Autozone for any amount of needs like new windshield wipers, coolant, or even a replacement battery. Something as simple as a gas card to a popular gas station chain that everyone has near them no matter what state goes a long way, especially for the traveling Mistress or for those that attend conventions nearby.

To Wrap It Up…

What it really comes down to is find any way to make your Goddess’ or Mistress’ life easier. Pay for their nails, hair, tanning, gym membership. Literally anything that makes our lives easier to live exactly the way one of us should be while being spoiled by those serving us. We also appreciate creativity when it comes to you wanting to do something for us, though remember to respect whatever boundaries they have created in regards to information they have let be public, how much time they are willing to give in a public setting, as well as observing the terms of service of whatever site they might be on. Many sites don’t allow the sharing of private information and the definitely don’t allow for meeting up in person so always keep these different things in mind if you are going a more creative route. Overall we appreciate being appreciated. Wouldn’t you if you were providing the world such a service as to be existing in it as wonderfully as we do?!

If you’re ready to take the next step and want to learn how to be a good submissive, check out my blog post here —>

Talk To You soon! ~Divine Goddess EveB

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