Southern California Goddess Eve Batelle is a 13 year adult industry veteran with humble beginnings as a dancer in North Hollywood. She worked her way through many different niches as she traveled across the country for years meeting many people, learning different kinks and lifestyles before settling into her newest role as educator and Mama Lioness. Her experience in running the behind-the-scenes and day-to-day networking for her management company “SoCalsAngels” combined with her natural dominant side drew her to niche fetish work, which she considers to be her Phoenix era. Her interests and experience grew to the point where she started providing real-time foot worship and FemDom sessions at home and in her travels. This, in turn, led to many friendships with industry legends that have enabled her to build greatly on her knowledge in several arenas. At present, Eve brings insight to a whole new generation of creators in her advice webinars & educational coaching as we all continue to navigate a new world of direct contact between creators and consumers. More info about Eve and her content can be found at: EveBatelle.club (LoyalFans), EveBatelle.live (Niteflirt), Instagram.com/eve.batelle, PoleAngel.com (blog) and TalkToEveB.com (review blog). 

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